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ICF Concrete Additives World of Concrete Article

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HiperLonTM Macro Fiber Reduces or Replaces Steel Rebar in Many Concrete Applications

By Mike Riley, chief engineer and Mike Cook, director of sales, at ICF Concrete Additives Booth #N1813.  

HiperLonTM Macro Fiber from ICF Concrete Additives is a revolutionary, patent-pending product that can be used as a primary reinforcement for a number of applications that currently use steel products (WWM, rebar and steel fiber).

The primary markets for application include rebar replacement/reduction in paving, walkways, canals, precast panels and pipe. It would be of special benefit for concrete in corrosive environments, such as in petrochemical plant applications. The ability to eliminate or reduce steel in these types of structures greatly enhances the concrete product’s resistance failure due to corrosion, while the elasticity imparted by the fiber allows for more ductile performance overall.

Different than conventional macro fibers currently in the industry, HiperLonTM is able to perform beyond the initial crack formation normally measured by the industry standards (ASTM C1399 or ASTM C1609). These tests measure small deflections (3mm), beyond this point any conventional fiber’s performance will start to fail. HiperLonTM performs at deflections over ½ inch with the ability to recover (i.e. close up the crack). By doing so, HiperLonTM achieves true resiliency even above 50 percent depending on loadings, making this unique product the only macro fiber that can truly be a substitute for steel reinforcements and add an elastic recovery property to concrete.

The key to HiperLonTM is its fine high-strength, high-surface area multifilament fiber bundle design, coated with an engineered resin to ensure its ability to mechanically and chemically bond with the cement paste in the concrete structure.

By using HiperLonTM, concrete products can be produced with increased ductile performance rendering the material more flexible and, therefore, able to withstand deformations with reduced risk of failures, both small and abrupt. This added feature makes it ideal for use in structures and buildings within disaster prone areas (i.e. earthquake, hurricane and tornado).

The behavior of products using HiperLonTM is unique and can only be fully appreciated while observing the behavior of the concrete under extreme conditions of deflection and cyclic force impacts, such as blast waves, bullet impacts or even cyclical shakes (seismic waves).

HiperLonTM — State of the Art Technology for True Rebar Replacement


  • Reduce/replace rebar (application specific)
  • Reduces labor
  • Enhances performance and durability
  • Increases ductility
  • Can be used with high loadings (over 25 pounds per cubic yard for blast/impact applications)
  • Provides primary and secondary reinforcement
  • Alkali resistant and non-corrosive
  • Mixes well
  • Excellent finishability


HiperLonTM fiber added to concrete mechanically locks in the fresh concrete matrix and adds flexural strength. HiperLonTM provides secondary and up to primary reinforcement and rebar replacement without the worry of corrosion. With HiperLonTM, concrete is quicker to place, cuts labor costs, is highly impact resistant and improves your bottom line.


HiperLonTM characteristics lend itself to a variety of concrete applications including: slab-on-grade, precast concrete, shot-crete, paving, corrosive area placements and specialty concrete applications.   201-482-8032   Booth #N1813

HiperLonTM is a trademark of ICF Concrete Additives, LLC.

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