• Enhances durability, fatigue and flexural performance
  • Provides secondary reinforcement with equal strength to WWM and light rebar
  • Alkali resistant & non-corrosive
  • Three dimensional reinforcement to prohibit cracking
  • Reduces in place costs
  • High impact resistance and wear resistance
  • Easily added to the concrete


F-Macro fiber added to concrete mechanically locks in the fresh concrete matrix, controlling cracking. F-Macro provides secondary reinforcement for WWM and light rebar replacement which eliminates crack formation that causes permanent weakening of the concrete. With F-Macro, concrete is more durable, fatigue resistant, adds flexural toughness and is highly impact resistant and improves your Bottom Line.


F-Macro’s characteristics lend itself to a variety of concrete applications including: slab-on-grade, precast concrete (thin wall application such as septic tanks and burial vaults), shot-crete (for tunnel linings, slope stabilization and pool construction), UTW (Ultra-thin White Toppings), paving and elevated deck concrete applications.