Description: Warehouse Slab
Company: Ben Zimmer, Owner/General Contractor
Product: AC-60
Purpose: Plastic Shrinkage and Secondary Reinforcement

“We have poured 10 building slabs inside this industrial park
using various other fibers. This slab is the best we have ever
poured and we feel it’s from using the Raditeck AC 60 product.
Not only is the overall appearance better (we see no fibers
protruding thru the surface like we have in the past with other
fiber additives). In a sample we took, we noticed the fibers
were distributed evenly throughout the matrix, from top to
bottom, which is exactly what we were told the case would
be from the Raditeck representative. We will use the Raditeck
product again for the next slabs we pour.”
Ben Zimmer,
Owner/General Contractor,
Fort Mill, South Carolina